ZXMP M800 Metro DWDM Multiplexer Equipment

With rapid development of packet transport services involving mobile data, IPTV and online services, traditional bandwidth leased service and voice service targeting business customers and personal customers are unable to handle the requirements. Operators are transforming from ICT service provider to multi-play service provider to address current and future service demands.

Service is always the main driver to network evolution. As service development further escalates requirements for metro transmission network, legacy SDH/MSTP technologies can hardly adapt to the trend of metro transmission network in large capacity, high bandwidth and high flexibility. Operators desire for building a brand-new All-IP-oriented metro transmission network.

Adhering to the ideology of “Serving with dedication and being committed to our customer”, ZTE Corporation caters to the development trend of metro transmission network and launches ZXMP M800, a DWDM-based ultra-large-capacity OTN intelligent metro optical transmission platform.

System features

  • Robust access capability

ZXMP M800 offers transmission capacities of 80Gbit/s, 320Gbit/s, 400Gbit/s and even 800Gbit/s, and enables access of optical signals in multiple formats including STM-N (N=1, 4, 16, 64), POS, ATM, GE, 10 GE, FC, ESCON, FICON and DVB. M800 platform provides 2.5Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s OTU access board based on tunable wavelength technology, and performs automatic configuration of remote NM.

  • Reliable service bearing

ZXMP M800 has perfect system functions involving forwarding, convergence, protection, cross connection and monitoring. 1+1 hot backup is available for critical components, such as power supply, cross connection and clock. It supports 6 optical-layer protection techniques and 3 electrical-layer protection techniques, in which, OPCS protection developed by ZTE Corporation is a ring protection technique with independent intellectual property right.

  • Efficient service dispatch

ZXMP-M800 provides ROADM+GSS (General Service Switch Platform)-based wavelength/sub-wavelength service dispatch systems, and can build the All-IP-oriented NG WDM metro multi-service transmission network featuring large capacity, high bandwidth, high flexibility, high security and low cost.

  • Flexible maintainability

With centralized wavelength monitoring technique IWF (Integrated Wavelength Feedback) and automatic optical power balancing technique APO (Auto Performance Optimization), ZXMP-M800 ensures wavelength stability of OTU and the balance between path power and OSNR (Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of receive end.


  • Agile service dispatch enabling smooth upgrade

ZXMP M800 supports OTN technology, provides ROADM+GSS wavelength/sub-wavelength dispatch system, and can combine with ASON control plane to handle future’s demand for NG WDM network, thus protecting customer investment and improving network adaptability.

  • Centralized wavelength monitoring lowering network construction cost

In combination with NMS, M800 platform utilizes centralized wavelength monitoring technique (IWF) to monitor wavelength, resulting in greatly reduced OTU cost and improved overall network stability.

  • Tunable wavelength driving down maintenance cost

M800 platform provides 2.5Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s OTU access board based on tunable wavelength technology, and performs automatic configuration of remote NM, thus effectively boosting network flexibility, increasing maintenance efficiency and reducing spare parts.

  • Full utilization of wavelength saving wavelength resources

OPCS protection (2-fiber bidirectional path shared protection) can improve ring wavelength utilization rate and lower network construction cost without degrading service protection level.